Sailing in Croatia
Croatian coast is the perfect sailing destination in the Mediterranean

Croatia Coast is a Sailing Paradise

Sailing Croatia is best enjoyed along the Istrian coast in Umag. Clean, clear water and favourable winds are a must for sailing, and Umag has both.

Whether you are a casual or competitive sailor, spending a day on the waters of the Croatia coast is a memorable experience. The sea along Istria's coast is filled with islands, secluded beaches and channels, all perfect for exploring the natural aquatic beauty of Croatia.

Croatia Coast Activities - Umag

  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Windsurfing
  • Jet-skiing

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The Adriatic Sea can be paradise for the fishing enthusiast. With numerous exotic species, fishing in the Adriatic can yield hours of pleasure and fun. Freshwater fishing in rivers and lakes is also popular in Istria.


Diving in the Croatia coast of Umag offers immeasurable underwater beauty. From the countless species of plant and animal life to the reefs, caves and shipwrecks, diving in Umag is a must for the water enthusiast. Umag has a number of diving centres eager to help you explore the underwater treasures of the Adriatic Sea.


As one of the more exciting ways to spend a day on the water, windsurfing is becoming a very popular activity in Istria. With suitable winds and sea currents and clean water, windsurfing is a unique experience in Umag.

The Croatia coast is one of the treasures of Istria and in Umag you can find a number of ways to enjoy it.

Windsurfing in Istria, Croatia
Windsurfing is a new and unique way to enjoy sports in Croatia

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