Water activities

Water activities

All along the Umag coast there are diverse options for recreation water sports.

Various water sports and parasailing – a panoramic parachute flight drawn by a powerboat, are an excellent choice when you want to make your time on one of the beaches in Umag exciting and unforgettable. The view from above stretching over Umag and Cape Savudrija is magical. Besides parasailing, visitors are offered a number of other experiences to complete their day at the beach. These include rentals of motorboats, rowboats, paddleboats, beach canoes, sailboats, jet skis, kayaks, skis, sailboards and powerboats, while the more adventurous can opt for a course in one of the water sports.

There are sports centres on the beaches of the most popular hotels and campsites in Umag. Visit us and enjoy perfect summer entertainment with water sports and parasailing.

Water activitiesWindsurfing is a new and unique way to enjoy sports in Croatia

Water activitiesWater activities
  • Various water sports
  • Parasailing