Protection of the environment

The way in which an institution or a company is committed to protecting the environment is an issue of interest to the general public, from the employees of a company to the people living in its vicinity, which is why Istraturist Plc. is issuing its


The protection of the environment is not just an integral part of the general organization system and management of Istraturist, but is also one of its top priorities. We are strongly committed to implementing our environmental protection measures. We are dedicated to the continuous monitoring, improvement and execution of preventive actions to prevent environmental pollution by:

  • Continuously monitoring legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia as well as other binding acts and international legal requirements according to our partners’ demands.
  • Rationally using our resources and monitoring the consumption of energy-generating products.
  • Paying due care and attention to waste; recycling.
  • Using environmentally sustainable materials.
  • Performing regular maintenance of our equipment in order to prevent water, air or ground pollution to protect the health of our employees and guests.
  • Monitoring the processes which may have a negative impact on the environment and modifying them accordingly.
  • Monitoring the efficiency of our environmental protection system.
  • Educating and motivating our employees to integrate environmental protection into their activities and act responsibly towards the environment.
  • Encouraging the dialogue with our employees and the public and answering enquires about the presumed dangers or negative impacts on the environment.
  • Involving our guests into our environmental protection activities, with a special focus on the impact it has on young generations.
  • Supporting the protection of tangible and intangible human heritage.
  • Encouraging our business partners and suppliers to comply with the mentioned principles.

Sustainable tourism requires quality unpolluted space. The condition of the environment represents an important component of the touristic activity in all its sectors. Tourism as such is not a huge polluter of the environment, where there exist public utilities and where the environment is being properly taken care of.. The natural resources have to be treated as an integral element of a touristic offer capable of fulfilling the expected needs (conditions for rest, restoration of psychological balance), since the fulfillment of recreational and cultural touristic requirements represents an essential condition for meeting all touristic trends. The environmental protection is the basic precondition of a healthy sustainable development.

Management board assessment about the organisation’s environmental impact - pdf

All of Istraturist's facilities received the ISO 14001 standard

After years of hard work, all of Istraturist's facilities have been certified with the internationally recognised environmental protection system ISO 14001 standard. The process was carried out with co-financing from the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund.

Socially responsible business is a process that the entire Istraturist team of employees successfully contributes to, and upon whose values quality products and future investments are being built.

The ISO 14001 international standard specifies requirements for the planning, establishment, implementation, and supervision of environmental protection systems. The certificate is a confirmation to the world at large that Istraturist cares for the environment and respects all applicable legal standards. The certification of Istraturist was carried out by Bureau Veritas Croatia d.o.o. certification company.

ISO 14001 Zajedno čuvamo okoliš

Sol Aurora – holder of the Travelife Gold Certificate

Hotel Sol Aurora holds the prestigious Travelife Gold certificate for Hotels. Travelife – an international certificate of sustainability – evaluates the success of a facility in optimising the effects of its business on a social, ecological and economic level.

In order to be awarded a Travelife Gold certificate, a hotel has to meet over 150 criteria on sustainability. These include issues pertaining to preservation of the environment, reducing the amount of waste and reducing the consumption of electricity, water and chemicals, as well as having a positive effect on society (employee welfare, work with the local community, protecting children’s rights and human rights and preserving tradition and the environment).

Sol Aurora was awarded the Travelife Gold Award for its ecologically-oriented activities, such as its developed programme for sorting and recycling waste, conscious use of resources, involvement of guests in environmental preservation, care for the welfare of its employees and other aspects of sustainable business that have been part of the mission and vision of Istraturist Umag for many years now.

Travelife Gold